Zipz Shoe Review

Developed by top rocket scientists in the urban sector, Zipz shoes are the new standard in casual footwear. The Zipz system features a canvas tennis style shoe with interchangeable zip-on/zip-off covers. Their durable yet soft construction features an innovative modular style design which allows the uppers to be removed and changed. Zipz shoes offers a variety of shoe tops that can be interchanged by simply unzipping a shoe top from the sole, and zipping on another. Shoe tops from Zipz shoes are reasonably priced and easy to store, so you can now amass a reservoir of styles. Fashion you feet belt, it’s going to be a smooth ride towards foot freedom. Zipz…The world’s first true interchangeable shoe.


I got the Adult Grafeeti design to review

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My Review

I love shoes, what girl doesn’t. Shoes can get expensive though when you want all the newest styles and designs. With the Zipz it’s a little easier because you can switch out the designs! You just zip one off and zip a new one on. The zippers are easy and don’t catch and there’s so manny different choices in design. I was a little worried about comfort with these with the zippers on the sides, but I was happy when I put them on and they were really comfortable!! I walked around all day in my new Zipz without any problems, no pain or discomfort at all. The design is really eye catching, I got a lot of comments on the shoes when I was out. I really like these shoes and can’t wait to pick out some more designs to use with mine.

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