Zevia Review and Giveaway

Zevia is the zero calorie soda with no artificial sweeteners. This stevia soda, available in 15 delicious flavors is the natural pop you and your family crave. The smarter version of diet soda, Zevia is the leading natural alternative that tastes great.


I got 6 cans to try

Mountain Zevia
Black Cherry
Citrus Grapefruit
Caffeine Free Cola
Dr Zevia

My Review

My household is a soda house. My husband and boys will go through 2-3 24 packs of soda in a week to week and a half. That’s a lot of soda! I can’t change my husbands habits (as much as I would like to). My boys I still have some control over,or so I would like to think. I got the chance to review Zevia and thought it would be the perfect chance to have my boys try something different for a change. I like that it doesn’t have any artificial sweetner in it. They drink so much Pepsi and Mountain Dew that I can’t even imagine what that’s doing to their insides. Zevia has a huge selection of flavors to make anyone happy. i got a 6 pack with each of the flavors I listed above. I barely had time to snap a picture before my kids were grabbing it to try. I managed to snag a few sips here and there so I could try it lol. My husband liked the Black Cherry and the Dr. Zevia. The boys liked the rest of the flavors except for the caffeine free cola. I personally liked the Mountain Zevia. Now I should let you know that these do not exactly match the flavor of the brand name counterparts. They do taste quite different in some cases. They are really good though if you are looking for a healthier alternative to regular soda. I will definitely buy more of this for my boys especially.

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