Your Two Sense Worth

Isn’t it time you resume control of your life and take advantage of the power of the mind? Begin now receiving these inspiring motivational quotes, for indeed today truly is the first day of the rest of your life.

For a one time fee of $7.30 (just 2 cents a day) you will receive daily messages for one year (or receive all 365 at one time) that will help enable you to gear your thoughts in a way that will assist you in fulfilling your emotional, spiritual and financial goals.

Some example messages…

  1. The greatest gift that can be known is from someone who isn’t.
  2. Make today one that tomorrow is jealous of, and yesterday couldn’t even imagine
  3. On your road to greatness, please make sure no one else defines either your speed limit or which path to take. It’s your journey not…. theirs.

124.To “teach” does not mean to “preach,” for though wisdom may have a soul owner, it often has no sole owner.

  1. When being “right” loses its power, being “wrong” loses its pain.
  2. The “importance” of sleep can often be measured by the importance of what you do while you are awake.
  3. When falling in love with someone else,make sure you are not just falling in love with love itself.
  4. Alienation is something we experience when we forget the importance and courage it takes to be different.
  5. Your “dreams” will only have a chance of coming true when you truly feel you are worthy of them.
  6. If by chance you run into a great listener, do yourself a huge favor and listen to what they have to say.
  7. Don’t ever let….. Remembering what you did, get in the way of…. Doing what you must.
  8. Relationships work best when you spend 100% of your efforts controlling yourself and 0% controlling everyone else.
  9. When the end seems near, it’s often just the beginning in disguise.
  10. Viewing yourself as a “winner” vs. a “loser” is much more important than winning or losing itself.
  11. Anyone who says they have all the answers needs to be questioned!

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