Wonda Wedge Review

WondaWedge is an indoor/outdoor lounger enjoying worldwide success. An inflatable lounge pillow with attached mat, it’s perfect for the beach, picnics, outdoor concerts, or reading in bed. Designed by physiotherapists, the WondaWedge has great ergonomics and back-support function – better for the posture than many alternatives! Users set their own comfort levels. The pillow can be changed to different reclining angles. It is lightweight and inflatable, thus, space-saving, easy to carry, and easy to use. The sueded vinyl material is waterproof and comfortable even in the heat.

The Wonda Wedge can be used for

Beach lounger~ Fishing back support~ Camping lounger~ RV accessory~ Outdoor concert seating
Picnic seating~ Boating lounger~ Gaming/television floor seat~ Soccer sidline seating~ Outdoor plays/movies~
Stargazing~ Pool lounger~ Recuperation~ Chronic Illness~ Reading in bed~ Relaxing on the floor~ Meditation lower back support~ Sleep aid~ Pregnancy~ Breast Cancer

My Review

The Wonda Wedge is a great invention! In order to try it out though I had to fight my 7 year old LOL. He reads almost as much as I do. When I finally did get to try it out I loved it. When we blew it up I didn’t fill it to capacity. It made it very comfortable. It doesn’t slide or shift like regular pillows can. I was able to sit with the Wonda Wedge and read for a good bit of time without the sharp pains in my neck and back that I usually experience. I have arthritis and degenerative disc disease in my back, so comfort is a big deal for me. This product definitely fits the bill. I love that I can just let the air out, fold it up, and take it with me if we go anywhere else to stay. I really wish I had had this when we took our trip to Florida just this past summer. This would have been great to have in the hotel and down on the beach.

This would make a great gift for anyone in your life who camps, goes to the beach, reads in bed or has a chronic condition where they have to spend a lot of time in bed. The kids and my husband really like it to sit against when they are playing video games also. There’s so many different uses that this would be great for anyone! 5/5 from us =]

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