Wigglo Pets Review

M n M Inspiration is an Etsy Shop where all of the items are handmade by sisters, Madison and Maya Grace (13 and 9 years old). Both artists with entrepreneurial spirits, the girls have learned that making high quality and interesting crafts can draw the attention of others and allow them to build their businesses as well as their brands.

Both girls donate a portion of every sale to the charity that Madison created, Kidz for a Cure (KidzForACure.org) where she raises funds for pediatric cancer research, having raised over $18,000 thus far.

Our Review

Wigglo Pets are so cute! I knew my boys would go gaga over these when I was asked to review them. I was correct lol. My boys have so much technology at the tips of their fingers that it’s frustrating. It was really nice to see them excited over something that had no wires and no batteries lol. My 7 year has spent hours mulling over the mechanics of Wigglo Pets in his head trying to figure out eactly how they work. I keep telling him don’t worry about HOW just enjoy them lol. These are unique little pets that I think any kid would love to have 🙂 They are super soft too. My 5 year old has some sensory issues and he just loves rubbing his hand on the Wigglo. I give these a 5/5!

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