Where Are The Dinos? Review

A day at the zoo is not complete without visiting the dinosaurs, right? But, hey….where are they? “I wonder why, I wonder how …Where are all the dinos now?” Boys and girls will delight in this fast-paced rhyming adventure chock-full of hilarious questions from a very persistent young visitor at the zoo. “What do dinos find in shops?
Polka-dot tricera-tops?” The laughs keep coming in this charming adventure full of dino-mite humor and fun. It’s the perfect good time read that kids will enjoy reading over and over again.

My Review
My boys loved this book. They are so into dinosaurs lately. They loved the bright pictures and the sing songy cadence of the story. It was really fun to read and they have asked to have it read to them over and over again. My 5 year old is in that stage right now where EVERYTHING is why..why..why lol. He thought this book was hilarious with all the questions about the dinosaurs. We all enjoyed the fun facts and the activities at the end of the story too. You can even sign up for the newsletter to get deals and be the first to know about new deals on books. I can’t wait to get more of Julia Dweck’s books to read to my boys.

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