What’s Your Ista? Review

Dig if you will this picture, over a glass or 2 of the house merlot, we lamented the current state of the economy and our husbands’ job prospects. Someone said something like “Forget fashionista, I’m a recessionista.” Next thing you know, we are all throwing out other ista ideas. We got to thinking that it would be fun to create Ista T-shirts.

There’s an ista for everyone! Animals, sports, teams, music and fashion!

Find Your ista!

My ista is Conquerista! October is Breast Awareness Month. Not only that, I recently found out a very good friend has Stage 2 BC. So I picked this shirt because it has meaning to me and I really want to show my support!


My Review

I live in T-shirts. You would think that all T-shirts are the same but they aren’t. Some are super soft and comfy and some…well they just aren’t. I got the chance to review this T-shirt from What’s Your Ista and I picked the Conquer Ista. This T-shirt is one of my favorites now. The material is soft and easy to move around in, it’s not stiff or scratchy at all. The size is true even after washing it. And I love the bright pink color, i’m ind of hooked on pink lol. And best of all the T-shirt makes a statement and has meaning.

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