What to Cook for Dinner for Picky Eaters Review

Are you tired of endless mealtime battles? Worried that your child isn’t getting the right nutrition? Do you feel like you will be serving the same meal to your picky eater for eternity? All of that is about to change…What to Cook for Dinner for Picky Eaters: Chef John’s Family-Favorite Main Dish Recipes, by Chef John Newsome and his wife, Anne, is your ticket to getting your child to eat more, eat better, and try new, delicious foods that the whole family will love. Each of the 23 delicious main dish recipes, ranging from a quick and easy macaroni and cheese recipe (with an ingredient many may have never thought to try) to a little more sophisticated pasta recipe, was developed by Chef John and was given the thumbs up by the Newsome’s own in-house picky eaters. The recipes will give you a variety of meats and flavor combinations to try with your children.

Also included in the book is some little-known information about what may be causing your child’s picky eating, as well as useful tips to getting kids to try new foods from the Newsomes and professional advice from their nutritionist, Suzzanne Myer.

What to Cook for Dinner for Picky Eaters is the all-in-one resource that families with picky eaters won’t want to be without.

My Review

Finally a really useful picky eaters cookbook. My boys are the epitome of picky eaters. They don’t like red meat unless its sloppy joes, chicken is ok as long as it’s breaded and ketchup goes on everything! I am always looking for and trying new things, but not very often do they agree to even try what I make lol. This book has some great healthy recipes that I think (read hope lol) my boys might be willing to try. The pictures are adorable and make this an easy and fun cookbook to read. There’s links to other resources to help get your kids to eat better also. This will stay handy in my nook for a long time. Wish me luck with the actual eating of food lol.

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