What Daddy Did Today Review

What Daddy Did Today is a bedtime story for a father to read to his child. When I was a kid, I would always wonder where my father went when he left the house for work every morning. What did he do? Who was he with? Why would it take so long? Of course, I learned later that Dad was just going to the office every day. But my imagination, up to that point, told me differently. I imagined my dad traveling to space, fighting dragons, and hitting home runs while he was away “at work.” So, this is a story that, as a kid, I would have loved to hear my dad tell. And now, as a grown man and future dad, it’s also a story that I would love to tell my son or daughter before they go to sleep. Because, although the story is filled with fun and adventure, ultimately, it is about how much Daddy loves his kid. I hope you enjoy it.


My Review

This was a really fun story for my husband and boys to read together. My husband goes to work after my boys are in bed at night. They know what he does, he drives a forklift for a trucking company. This book gave them plenty of giggles about what daddies do when they leave the house. They think their daddy is the bees knees so they loved picturing him saving a kitten and fighting a big green dragon. The bet part was the ending when the daddy tucks them in and tells them he loves them. The illustrations were so bright and cute also. This is a great book for any dad to share with his kids at night when bedtime comes around! 5/5!

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About the author

Walter Wally was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. At an early age, Walter discovered that he loved to tell rhyming stories. One of Walter’s fondest memories is sitting in his basement as a young boy, and creating his first rhyming story to explain why the walls would creak. If memory serves, I think Frankenstein had something to do with it. Anyway, if anything can turn Walter into a kid again, it’s telling stories that people enjoy. Walter writes rhyming stories for adults as well, and is available for all kinds of readings and events.

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