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From the Wexy Bags Website

“Inspired by kids and created by moms, WEXY snack bags are the perfect way to change the very image of “healthy” food for your kids. Motivated by their desire to restore natural childhood fun to snack time, Carie and Tracey created WEXY monsters with their own children driving their vision. They want to help our earth, too. That’s why WEXY snack bags are as good to the globe (eco-friendly) as they are to your child’s body. With their commitment to organic foods and practices, Tracey and Carie believe that sustaining our health means sustaining the earth as well. WEXY bags are biodegradable, BPA Free, disposable, recyclable, and reusable.”


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My Review

My 7 year old is in 2nd grade and we pack his lunches most days. I have to fight with him to get him to eat the lunch I pack sometimes because he’d rather have what the school is offering, or what his friends have. That can get quite expensive though as I’m sure you know. I try really hard to find fun snacks for him to take. We let him pick his own lunchbox so that it’s something he likes and wants to use. Now with the Wexy Bags he has a really cool baggie to put some of his favorite snack foods in. Every morning when we pack his lunch he gets to pick his sandwhich or a lunchable and he gets to pick a snack and which monster bag he wants it in. This seems to make a difference in his cooperating with taking his lunch. He came home the first day and was all excited to tell me how much his friends liked the Wexy Bags when he went to lunch. He wanted to share with everyone lol. As a mom I love that these are biodegradable, recyclable and reusable. My almost 40 year old husband even thinks they are cool lol. He took his chips to work with him this past week in the Wexy Bags. These are a big hit here so we all give them a 5/5 =]

“I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.”

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