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Vaping Vamps is unique because of all brands of e cigarettes, our brand was created by women, for women. We wanted to take a lot of the guess-work out of choosing the best e cig. We select products and flavors that we KNOW women like, because every one of our products has been tested by our Vaping Vamps test panel.

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I received the Vaping Vamps E-Cigarette Try Me Kit with a Tia Berry and Mango Lola cartomizers

Did you know…

Smoking cigarettes is not cool, now that there’s a totally hip new alternative called vaping!
The e cig has only four main ingredients; compared to 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes.
You smell better. No more stale stinky breath and clothing.
No such thing as secondhand smoke. You’re blowing vapor!
You can vape inside many bars and restaurants.

My Review

I used to be a smoker before my boys were born, I’ve picked the habit back up a few times between babies and when things have gotten overly stressful for me. I quit, I buy a pack, it’s a vicious cycle. I’ve tried other E-Ciggarettes a few times before. What first attracted me to Vaping Vamps was that it was for women made by women. It looks more feminine and is sleeker then other E-Ciggs. I also loved the choice of flavors. No matter how long I’ve not had a ciggarette, when things get stressful it still seems to be the first thing I reach for. I chose the no nicotine try me kit with the 2 flavors. I wanted to see if I really needed that nicotine or if I was reaching for it because it’s habit. Turns out it’s just habit lol. This charges quickly, the flavors are delicious, and it seems to satisfy the need I have to reach for a ciggarette. I can’t wait to try the Caramella flavor next. I’m very happy with this product and I will buy from them again!

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