Vamplets Review

I had the pleasure of receiving 3 Vamplets to review

photo 5b7b8bec-89b7-4215-8fa8-69d2dbcb3ee2_zps2a9b7708.jpg

photo 53f62590-9bc4-4a0f-991d-60c9f88afb90_zpsab421a3b.jpg

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Also when you adopt Hector, our Gloomvanian Vampyre Bat Baby, at a donation is made in your humanly honor to the Bat World Sanctuary.

Each baby comes with their own bottle of blood also 🙂
photo f1b3239d-c76f-432d-b874-f811ad97cd0c_zps6680909c.jpg

My Thoughts

I’m really into vampires and supernatural things and this site and these babies seriously feed my addiction lol. These are the cutest baby monster stuffed animals I’ve seen! The site is fun in of itself. There’s a Meet the Vamplets page, a Nursery, a Town Hall and the Shop. You can visit their blog and the Hall of Horrors too to see what the Vamplets are all about. If you click on Save A Bat you can find out how they help to rescue and care for thousands of injured and orphaned bats. Bats are not my favorite animal but I think what they are doing for them is great.

I am in love with my Vamplets. I love the design of them and the little back stories you get with each one. I’m also ticked by the bottles of blood I got with them. I remember when I was little getting baby dolls with the disappearing liquid bottles lol. My boys are way into zombies and vampires also, if it weren’t for the pink bows I think they would try to claim these. They keep asking to see them lol. You will notice that they are still in the plastic, for that reason and also because we are moving in a few months and i don’t want them messed up lol. I want to wait until I have a shelf for them. I’m very happy with the new additions to my stuffed animal collection and I can’t wait until I can display them when we move 🙂

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