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the refillable perfume atomizer
fresh fragrance wherever you go…

Travalo Elite ($19.99), holds 5 mL of any favorite fragrance (65 sprays) and is made of light, yet strong aluminum. Suitable for men and women, like all of Travalos products, Travalo Elite is TSA approved and features a clear window to gauge the level of perfume or cologne. Travalo Elite works with any cologne or perfume bottle with a removable nozzle and because of its spill-free internal refill system, no fragrance will be wasted. Each Travalo Elite comes with a lifetime warranty in addition to the following features:

  • 98 percent recyclable, environmentally-friendly, lightweight material
  • Features a clear window to gauge level of perfume
  • Works with removable nozzle bottles
  • Available in perfect pink, hot pink, gold and silver
  • Spill-free internal refill system; no funnels or other parts
  • Holds 65 sprays of perfume or cologne

My Review

The Travalo Elite is the coolest beauty accessory I have right now. I’m not a super girly girl kind of woman. I wear very little makeup, I wear my hair in clips and pony tails and I havent used my hair dryer in 6 months if I had to guess when it was last plugged in LOL. One thing I do use is body spray and perfume. I LOVE my scents. But of course it’s not always convenient to carry around bottles of perfume or cans of body spray. I’ve had more than one purse spill incident. Smells great on me, but not so much when every belonging in my sizeable purse is covered in whichever scent I’m using. The Travalo solves this problem! It’s small, spill proof and fits in my little zippered beauty bag in my purse with no trouble. The Travalo Elite comes in 2 different shades of pink too! I know I just said I’m not girly but I love pink. There’s other colors too, so don’t worry if you don’t like pink lol. It’s very easy to fill and refill too. It took me 30 seconds to fill it when I got it. Another great thing about the Travalos is that men can use them too. My husband loves his Axe and keeps a can in his car. This would be much more convenient for him. This is a 5 star beauty product in my book!

Very easy to fill!

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*I received a pink Travalo Elite to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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