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New odor neutralizing product helps eliminate odors from home trash receptacles for fresher and extended use of garbage bags. Simply shake Trash Dash’s odor absorbing powder two or three times daily into any trash bag to neutralize smells and add a fresh scent to trash receptacles or recycling containers in between pick-ups. Trash Dash absorbs the odors that might otherwise attract pesky critters to containers set outdoors for trash removal.

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I received several of each scent to try in exchange for my honest review

My Review

Trash stinks. There’s no way around that. Unless you take everything right outside, and with the weather here and our property set up that’s not possible lol. I have 2 little boys and a hubby in the house that just love stinky stuff. Thank goodness we’re done with diapers, but they still manage to find things to stink my house up. Like red beet eggs, GAG!, or seafood. Then there’s just the everyday smelly food and junk trash. We have a pretty small house so we have to take the trash out pretty often. Trash Dash definitely helps with this issue. It’s so easy to use too, nothing to spray or stick to the inside of the can. You just sprinkle Trash Dash right in your garbage bag and that’s it. It has a scent that covers the icky, but isn’t so strong it makes you gag on the Trash Dash smell. I like the Lavender Vanilla, my husband likes the Citrus Burst, so we alternate. I think this is a great product that every house should have!

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