Transformers Rescue Bots DVD Review

Meet the TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS — CHASE THE POLICE-BOT, HEATWAVE THE FIRE-BOT, BLADES THE COPTER-BOT and BOULDER THE CONSTRUCTION-BOT characters! They’ve been given the task of going undercover to protect the good people of Griffin Rock and learn the values of teamwork and the power of friendship by partnering up with the town’s first family of emergency responders: Fire Chief Charlie Burns, daring helicopter pilot Dani, hot-shot firefighter Kade, brainy engineer Graham and the heart of the team, Cody!

The TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS series is currently airing on The HUB TV Network in the U.S. and on Treehouse in Canada.

This dvd includes these episodes:

Cody On Patrol
Walk On The Wild Side
Christmas In July
Deep Trouble
Return Of The Dinobot
Our Review

I remember the Transformers from when i was a kid. I love that this show is still around and that my boys now get to enjoy it! And enjoy it they do! I love the messages that are mixed in with all the action and fun. Friendship and teamwork are such important things for kids to learn. My boys LOVE this dvd. They have watched it at least one a day since we’ve gotten it. They love to play the characters and they have such great imaginations. I just love watching them play Rescue Bots with each other. This is a great show! We give this dvd a 5/5 for sure!

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