TipAlert Review


Make sure they never forget to put the seat down again!

My Review

This has to be the funniest review I’ve done. This is the coolest little gadget. You put it on the underneath of your toilet seat and it reminds the men in the house to put the seat down when they are done. It blinks a green light at night so you don’t accidentally fall in LOL. We have the one for little boys on our toilet right now. It plays a few bars of “London Bridges Falling Down” and says “Hey little man put the seat down”. It also claps and says YAY when he puts the seat down. My son really dislikes this thing LOL. Tells it to shut up. BUT he does put the seat down so it’s a score in my book. TipAlert makes me laugh and I’m sure it would make the man in your house laugh too. I’m in a house with 3 boys so this is a must have gadget!

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