Tilth Beauty Review and Giveaway

Tilth Beauty derives its name from the life-giving properties of the earth itself. Tilth is the physical condition of the soil, its texture and ability to hold moisture and circulate oxygen. It is the indicator of the soil health. Soil with good tilth has adequately sized spaces between soil particles for good air infiltration and movement of water which is essential for plant growth. It also is able to hold a reservoir of water and nutrients.


Tilth Beauty sent me 4 products to try in exchange for my honest opinion

Rose Protection Cleansing Gel
Berry Extract Toner
Hydration body lotion
Sea Origin Serum

My Review


This is the after picture after I used the cleansing gel and toner for 2 weeks. I didn’t take a before picture because it was pretty bad and I’m not always comfortable sharing pictures like that.

If you’ve seen some of my other skin care reviews then you know I have several different skin issues that I deal with. Dry skin, Rosacea, Acne and then just plain getting older lol. I had heard of Tilth Beauty and read some really nice reviews, so I was excited when I got the chance to review their products. I got the above mentioned 4 products to try. Here’s what the bottles look like.


Hands down my favorite products out of the 4 are the cleanser and the toner. The cleanser is really mild, even the smell is low key which I love. It suds up nicely on my face and it leaves my skin feeling really clean and refreshed. It removes the flaky skin from the Rosacea and soothes it when it’s hurting and burning.

The toner also feels and smells great. I use it a while after the cleanser, around mid day, if my skin is still bothering me. It makes my skin feel a little tighter and also has a soothing effect.

I let my mom try the Sea Origin Serum. She said it made her skin feel firmer and it looked brighter. It wasn’t greasy at all and absorbed quickly and has a nice scent. I haven’t gotten it back from her yet lol.

The Hydration Lotion is great for dry skin. I have eczema in several areas and this is very soothing. It makes your skin feel very soft. I didn’t think it rubbed in quite enough on my hands, but I’m pretty particular. My mom used some when she was visiting and didn’t seem to mind it as much as I did.

Overall I’m very happy with the Tilth Beauty products I received and I would buy and recommend them to friends and family!

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You can also enter to win the Rose Cleanser and Berry Extract Toner!

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