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Thorne Manor and other bizarre tales takes you on a journey through madness with haunted people and places. The reader enters a reality where the world only appears normal – underlying is a dark world of occult influence, dangerous beliefs, and fearsome energies.

  • Thorne Manor: you are introduced to Heather, a woman trying to separate herself from an emotionally abusive ex-husband. While pursuing her dream of opening a business, she finds herself in an old, abandoned mansion that houses a sinister secret.
  • Guardian at the Gate: where a demon with plans to take over the world is given a leadership makeover.
  • The Black Sheep: in which a troubled, clairaudient girl rejects her psychotherapist when a new spirit begins to counsel her.
  • The Quiet Neighbors: in which a housewife’s first attempt at witchcraft backfires.
  • By Invitation Only: where a grieving pet owner is visited by an unusual creature.
  • Dream State: where a woman’s dreams become deadly reality.
  • Good Riddance: in which a man’s hatred for cats creates an unexpected result.

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If you’ve read some of my other reviews you know I love to read supernatural, horror and suspense more than any other type of book. This book was a short read but absolutely did not dissapoint! From creepy to truly bizarre you will become immersed in the stories and you will not want to put this book down once you pick it up. The first story, Thorne Manor, is the longest and is my favorite. I love haunted house ghost stories. The other stories are shorter but still pack some jaw dropping punches. This book has a good mix of creepy, gross and bizarre that will leave you wanting more from this author.

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The author has been kind enough to offer a giveaway for my readers also! She is offering one paperback copy and one eBook copy of Thorne Manor.

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