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Thermal Aid is a revolutionary, 100% natural therapeutic heating/cooling treatment pack specifically designed for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Our researchers worked closely with milling engineers from the largest agribusiness companies in the world to create a line of products, using a unique process, which allows a specialized corn to hold temperatures for long periods of time. This process removes the germ from the kernel, thus removing virtually all the moisture and preventing mold or fungi from forming. The entire process hardens the corn segments, causing an even temperature in each segment, and creating extended temperature retainment (hot and cold). This also extends the life of the corn beyond that of the material it’s sewn into!


We got Ollie the Koala to review

My Review

When my boys don’t feel good they like to cuddle. Unfortunarely mommy only has one lap and if they both don’t feel good it can lead some real brawls. I got the chance to review a Thermal Aid Zoo animal. This thing is so cute! Both boys started yelling about who’s it was as soon as I took it out of the box. I settled that issue by telling them santa would bring another one for christmas lol. We are in PA so it’s starting to get colder at night and in the mornings here. Neither boy has gotten sick yet (knock on wood) but they have taken turns using the Koala at night when they go to bed. I heat it up so it’s just warm and tuck him in the bed with whoever’s turn it is. They absolutely love it! It actually seems to help them settle a little easier then what they are normally like also. The Koala is very soft and cuddly and it’s very high quality. It’s not going to fall apart just from them loving on him. This priduct is Nate and Caden approved, and Mommy approved also! He get’s a big 5/5 =]

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