The White Swan: Introducing Johny Jordan

Johnny Jordan is a lovable psychic entertainer, wowing audiences whilst boosting his own ever growing ego! When a grieving family, in his home town of York, contact him to speak with their murdered loved one from beyond the grave he can’t help but get involved. Way over his head lacking any psychic ability and facing the biggest performance of his career, he wades in believing he can solve the murder that has baffled the police for over a year. Risking not only himself but also his young, but far more able, cousin, the mystery holds a twist that neither of them could predict leaving Johnny Jordan in mortal danger.

My Review

This was a fun quick read. Johnny’s deductive reasoning is amazing. You’ll spend a lot of time thinking, “why didn’t I think of that??”. The characters were all people you just want to get to know. I loved the relationship between Johnny and Frankie. Although cousins, they were like brother and sister, always teasing or arguing. This is a great mystery, filled with lots of action, and twists you don’t see coming. Definitely a five star mystery!

About the Author

Paul Morrison lives in York with his wife Andrea and his three children (and Pete the non walking dog!). He has lived in York for the past ten years, settling here after a nomadic few years – prior to which he lived (and was born) in the glorious and often sunny Swindon Town!

He has a unrequited love for Swindon Town Football Club, but is rarely seen at the County Ground but is there in spirit! He is also often seen donning whites in the Summer for Ben Johnson Cricket Club a top quality Gentleman’s Cricket Team!

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