The Trip – Little Critter Reading

In this fun-filled, interactive reading adventure, young children are invited to learn along with Little Critter on his family’s road trip. Rich in learning activities, games, and exciting surprises, kids will be entertained as they discover a new adventure on every page. The Critters’ trip is full of amusing twists and turns—just like the actual road they’re following! Kids can help Little Critter choose the route the family will take and explore the countryside, the city, the beach and more: fix the car when it breaks down; move a horse stuck in the middle of the road; feed the seagulls; and even find time to grab a hot dog! All this while playing lots of games with Little Sister along the way to pass the time!
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This app is available for iOS and Android. We got the Android version to review in exchange for our honest opinion.

Our Review

I remember Little Critter books from when I was younger and I love that they are still around for my kids. Now kids are all about the technology though lol. Mine especially! We loved this app. It was so fun and easy to use. You can choose the interactive style or just the read me option. With the interactive part you get to help the Little Critters choose their route, solve problems and you get fun activities along the way. There’s the flash cards and then there’s other activities like the color match, sorting, patterns and more. You can click on the characters to hear them say different things also. This was so fun for my boys, and I have to admit I really enjoyed seeing such a beloved memory from my childhood in this format for them. I highly recommend this app for little ones and I give it a huge 5/5!!

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