The Shakespeare Guru’s Guide to Getting


The Shakespeare Guru’s Guide to Getting Shakespeare Alive! is meant to blow the dust off Shakespeare’s scripts by providing useful tips and strategies for classroom or rehearsal work. You’ll get practical, concrete assistance with overcoming stumbling blocks such as:

~ Fear of the language
~ Belief that the plays are aniquated relics of the 16th century
~ Over-reliance upon “translations” or lexicons
~ Misinformation about performance practices of Shakespeare’s theatre
~ Insistence upon deferring to the “experts” in an attempt to get the plays “right”

Complete with a 60-minute (100% Shakespeare) script of Romeo and Juliet, the Guru’s Guide encourages you to trust your own instincts, to get the text up on its feet and, by all means, to have fun with Shakespeare. They don’t call them plays for nothing!

Martha Mendenhall has spent the past 20 years working with the plays of Shakespeare as an actor, director, writer, and teaching artist, in collaboration with theatre companies such as The American Shakespeare Center and the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival (NCSF). Most notably, she conceived and developed NCSF’s Shakespeare to Go, a touring company of six actors which tours to North Carolina area schools, offering 60-minute versions of Shakespeare’s most popular plays.

In addition to working with theatre professionals, Mendenhall has created workshops and performances for teachers and students of all ages. She is also an experienced classroom educator, having spent 10 years as a high school English teacher. Currently, Mendenhall lives in Winston-Salem, offering workshops on Shakespeare for teachers and students throughout the state.


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