The Secret of the Portals Review

Bruten Stone and Tommy Staunton have just graduated from the 5th grade and are looking for adventure. On the first day of summer break, they set out to explore the woods on the edge of town, but soon find themselves in another world. They quickly figure out that they have gone through a portal within a cave, and learn from Tommy’s Uncle Ron, a great explorer, that there are more portals to be explored. Along the way they meet animals that talk, ninja chipmunks, miniature people, and more. They soon figure out that the worlds are rich in natural resources… including diamonds, emeralds, and gold! They could be rich beyond their wildest dreams, but choose to take the high road and defend the other worlds from would be profiteers, looking to exploit the other worlds and enrich themselves. It’s an adventure like no other. Are Bruten and Tommy up for the challenge?

My Review

I read this book in 2 days. It’s a fantastic story about adventure and friendship. Tommy and Bruten love to explore, and in this story they find the adventure of a lifetime. Talking squirrels, miniature people and a world of gold are at their doorstep. Add in Tommy’s Uncle Ron who has an evil and devious plan up his sleeve and you have a fast paced, magical trip that will keep you reading until the very end. I enjoyed this book immenseley, and I love that it’s so kid appropriate that I was able to hand it off to my 7 year old son. He’s an advanced reader and he’s loving this book, he finds the talking squirrels to be just the funniest thing lol. I also loved the lesson in the story about doing the right thing versus the easy thing. I am excited to see what comes next for Tommy and Bruten!

About the Author

Brant Waldeck lived in a small town in rural Ohio until he was fourteen years old. From there he moved to a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. After high school, he attended Miami University (OH) and graduated with a degree in marketing. After five years working at advertising agencies, Brant set out on his own to be a freelance designer. His business evolved into a successful marketing agency. His life revolved around creativity, but it wasn’t until he had kids of his own that Brant began to explore the idea of writing. This book was inspired by bedtime stories that he made up for his seven-year-old son. Brant credits his children as the key to his creative inspiration. The minds of children see possibilities that adults tend to shut out. The trick to being creative… never stop thinking like a kid. Brant currently resides in a suburb of Charlotte, NC with his wife, Jenny, and three kids, Gillen, Brannen and Braelyn.

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