The Necklace Saver Review

Finally – a simple, elegant and easy-to use product that keeps your necklaces tangle free, at home or on the go!

The Necklace Saver is very affordable, only $6.95 for 1 and $12.95 for two!


My Review

I was given a Necklace Saver to review in exchange for my honest opinion. I couldn’t wait to try it when it came in the mail. I hate when my necklaces get all tangled up and I can’t get them apart. I’ve tried putting them in baggies and envelopes and hanging them, but at least half of the time they still wind up tangled, even if it’s just with themselves lol. The Necklace Saver is so simple, yet elegant. You simply wind your necklace through the material and clasp it and tie the organza. Easy Peasy. I only have a few necklaces now and this will be perfect for when we move in June. I’ll be able to put my necklaces in the saver and lay them in my drawer and not have to worry about them. Pure genius, I love this 🙂

The Necklace Saver

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