The Moon Stealers and the Queen of the Underworld Review


After finding the magical Silver Bough in the first Moon Stealer book, the portal to the underworld opens enabling Sir Edgar and the children; Max, Joe and Scarlet to jump through. They find themselves in a world at war and quickly become involved in an uprising against the Faerie Queen.

Their quest to find Peter Crisp continues, but the threat of the alien bacteria back home looms over them. Sir Edgar’s attempt at gaining the Faerie Queens help in ridding the Moon Stealers from Earth looks like it may be a fruitless task.

In such an unchartered land it’s difficult knowing who is friend and who is foe. Danger lurks in the most innocent of places.



My review of Book 1

My Review

The adventure continues! I literally squealed with joy when I got the email from Tim Flanagan that this 2nd book of The Moon Stealers series was ready to read. I started reading it right away. The heroic Edgar and the kids in his care now find themselves in the fairy realm searching for the help they need to save their own world from the Moon stealers. But first they have to help save the fairy realm from the rule of the evil queen. I loved all the different and new characters they encountered in this part of their adventure! The descriptions were so detailed and painted a very vivid picture in my head as I was reading. The battle scenes were nothing short of amazing and kept me reading way past bedtime lol.The second installment ends on yet another cliffhanger that is going to drive me crazy till book #3 comes out! These are great stories for anyone looking to escape into a book for a while. The ONLY thing that could add to these books would be illustrations, or maybe having a movie made out of them! MUST READ and a 5/5 here =]


During the day, Tim works as a Podiatrist in private practice in Kent, UK. He is the author of two books for Health Professionals, has lectured across England, Scotland and Ireland, and has treated national athletes for Sport England.

By night, Tim lurks in his office, writing stories of fantasy and imagination. The Moon Stealers series tells the story of an alien bacteria that lands on the Earth inside a meteor. As it evolves and grows it becomes a serious threat to civilization. At the same time, a group of children unknowingly hold the key to saving the planet, whilst attempting to rescue one of their friends from an ancient portal that leads to another world.

He is also currently working on a book about Dragons in London during the 1600’s.

Tim lives in Kent with his wife and three children.

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