The Miracle is Me Review

Inspiration often comes in small packages. The Miracle is Me is a new board book that carries a simple message that children and parents alike will love to revisit again and again.

The first in a series, The Miracle is Me is an original poem filled with positive messages designed to start a child’s day off on the right foot, or wind down by settling into a good frame of mind. As a parent of two, author Kristia Watson brings awareness to daily blessings, the power of a smile, and how we are all connected to one another. The Miracle is Me celebrates your child’s individuality, consciously building young readers’ sense of self-worth and self-esteem on every page.


Printed from the original hand painted watercolor art, this children’s board book, The Miracle is Me, was created for all of those special times of day that you share with your children. Just waking up, going to bed, spending quiet time together, or transitioning in and out of your day. It is not a religious book. It IS a book. The positive message was crafted to help children of all ages start their day on the right foot or wrap up their day in a good frame of mind.

My Review

This is a beautifully illustrated positive message in a small package. My 7 year old is ADHD and has a few other issues. We sit and read this together before he leaves for school in the morning. It’s a few minutes for us to sit together and for him to relax and look at the pictures and read the poem calmly before he starts his hectic day. My little one like to look at the pictures in the book through out the day. This is such a nice message and I love the pictures and so do my boys. I give this book a 5/5 and can’t wait to see the next one 🙂

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