The Last Ride


Camelia is a recently orphaned teen who has to make it to her estranged grandparents’ home in South Dakota or face foster care. But she’s too young to travel alone, and she doesn’t have enough money.
Bear is Camelia’s neighbor, an aging biker with a terminal illness who is determined to make one last run to the big Harley riders’ meet in Sturgis. Camelia talks Bear into taking her along, since her grandparents live less than thirty miles from Sturgis. Together with Bear’s younger sister and a friend, they take off on Harleys, planning on going the long way and soaking up the scenery. Things go well for a while, and it really is a dream vacation. Then people they meet start turning up dead. The group learns that a mass murderer known as the Northwest Killer is operating in the area. That’s bad enough, but it soon becomes apparent that they are somehow psychically linked to the man.For Camelia, it becomes less a matter of reaching her grandparents than of simply staying alive. The Last Ride is a road novel. While technically a young adult book because of Camelia’s age (14), adults who don’t require sex or four-letter words in their reading material will probably find it an interesting read.



My Review

I honestly wasn’t to sure about this book when I picked it up but I’m so glad I decided to read it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The friendship between Camelia and Bear develops quickly and is very sweet in nature. I’ve only ridden a motorcycle twice in my life but this book made me want to go for a ride. Vivid descriptions and characters with real depth kept me reading late into the night. A bit of a tear jerker and a bit of adventure make for a great mix that I definitely recommend.


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