The Complete idiot’s Guide to 200-300-400 Calorie Meals

About the Authors

Chef Ed Jackson (Boston) graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York in 2000 with the President’s Scholarship Award. He has worked at several prominent restaurants including Maison Robert, Tremont 647 and The Tuscan Grill. Currently, Jackson is in production on a video cooking series called “Chef Ed Cooks.” In September, 2009, Ed Jackson and Becky Sue Epstein published The American Lighthouse Cookbook (Sourcebooks, Inc.) – winner of THE NATIONAL “BEST BOOKS” 2009 AWARDS (NBBA) by Visit his website, for links to his YouTube cooking classes.

Heidi McIndoo, RD (Framingham, Mass.) is a registered dietitian and nutrition communication specialist. In addition to books, McIndoo has written nutrition articles for several magazines including Fitness, Family Circle, Prevention, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Diet and Nutrition. In addition, she consults with corporations and provides nutrient analysis of recipes and menus. McIndoo has served as National Media Spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. You can follow her blog at

My Review

This is an awesome cookbook. My husband tends to like his fried, greasy, fatty foods that have 1000 calories. I’m not really into diet food but I would like to eat a bit healthier now and then. This cookbook has an amazing selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and vegetarian recipes that are under 400 calories. I’ve bookmarked about 20 so far that we want to try. The recipes are so simple that anyone, even someone with limited cooking skills, can follow along and make a delicious meal!

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