The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie Review

Jimmy and Charlie used to be orphaned cats with no place to call home. Until one day when the brothers find a home on a farm! The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie is a collection of three short stories of excitement and adventure following the two cats as they explore their new world and make lifelong friends. This is the perfect book for young readers to learn, along with Jimmy and Charlie, important lessons about God’s faithfulness, his good purpose, and the importance of obeying your parents.

My Review

This was a great story. I have 2 little boys very close in age and I found myself laughing as we read this together. There are a few times where I was like “that sounds like you guys”. There are 3 short stories about Jimmy and Charlie finding and exploring their new home after they are abandoned. They learn about new animals they’ve never seen before and make some friends, and some not so friends. I love the theme of this story. It shows respect for your parents and love of the home you have. My boys like the stories and we have re read them many times now!

Author Info

Rodney Mack works full-time to support his family while pursuing his dream of becoming an accomplished writer on the side. One day, while watching Jimmy and Charlie, his cats, an idea came alive and he was immediately immersed in a story that would not only entertain children, but hopefully change lives… and “The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie” was born.

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