Terri Lee Doll Giveaway

About Terri Lee

Terri Lee was the world’s best dressed toddler in the 1940’s and 1950’s,
and a fashion icon to thousands of little girls across the country.At the
height of her popularity,her fashion wardrobe consisted of over 500
different exclusive costumes and assessories.Each and every one made
with the strictest attention to deatail and the highest quality fabrics.

Origanally created in 1946 by Violet Lee Gradwohl,Terri Lee has been a
true family venture for over 60 years.Terri Lee bore the name of
Violet’s own daughter,while her cousin,noted artist Maxine Stevens,
sculpted the original mold in the likeness of her daughter,Drienne.
Celebrated artist Lee Platt was one of the original painters of Terri
Lee’s delicate features and distinctive eyelashes,capturing a signature
style that collectors quickly grew to know and love.

Terri Lee Dolls are only available for purchase online

and in select independent toy stores below.


(1) US winner will receive their choice of a Terri Lee doll.

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