Teespring Crowdfunding Platform Review


Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart, or a family event, group or community activity that you need to raise funds for? Teespring is the perfect platform for you!

I like this one!

You can design a T-Shirt for any cause, community or group and not have to put any of the money out up front! You pick your design, your goal and your price and then sit back and let the orders come in. This way you only pay for the shirts that get ordered and you aren’t left with boxes of leftover shirts and money out of pocket that you may not get back in sales.

My son has some special needs and I would love to do something like this to raise some awareness and some funds for things he needs.

You can click this LINK to see some examples and explore the design tool.

Teespring on Facebook
Teespring on Twitter

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