Technogel Pillow Review

3 main beneficial properties

3-D Deformation supports your head and neck by conforming to your body to distribute pressure evenly across the contact surface, helping to reduce stress and improve blood circulation.

Cooling effect that will give you a fresh feeling around your face and neck (remove the winter cover to enhance this sensation).

Odorless and hypoallergenic so it should not smell or make you sneeze or itch.

Based on our
experience, here are a few tips for choosing the best pillow for you:

Classic: mainly stomach sleepers, those who love thin pillows, or thinner-built people.

Deluxe: mainly side sleepers, people who like thick pillows, typically males.

Anatomic: mainly side and back sleepers, those who like thick pillows, usually females.

Contour: mainly side and back sleepers, people with neck/back pain problems.

I got the standard size Contour Pillow
*Outside cover

*Inside sewn cover over the Technogel

My Review

I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis in several joints, Degenerative Disc Disease in my spine, migraines and a few other fun things. Getting older sucks, and I’m only 32! I was blessed to be able to review a Contour Technogel Pillow. I’ve seen articles about these and read other reviews about how great they are. I’m skeptical by nature, I’ve been through so many different medications and treatments for the Fibro and Arthritis with not a lot of great results. I’ve tried other “miracle” pillows that claim to help you sleep and wake up without pain in the past.

The weight of this pillow is crazy! My 4 year old can barely carry it from the bedroom for me lol. The first thing I noticed when I layed down the first night was the cooling effect of the gel. I’m always hot at night even with the fan and AC running so this was fabulous! Ive been using the pillow for two weeks now and I don’t think I could go back to a regular department store pillow ever! I have always woken up with headaches and neck and shoulder pain no matter what I’ve tried. This past two weeks has been great.

Obviously nothing will “fix” me or make completely better, but this Technogel pillow makes a HUGE difference in my sleep and how I feel when I wake up. I don’t have the numbness and pins and needles every morning like I did before. I sleep deeper and I don’t toss and turn nearly as much as I used to. My husband has commented a few times about how much better I seem to sleep too. He’s also very jealous of my pillow so I see a purchase of another pillow in my future =]

I would love to see a mattress topper from Technogel, my back and hips would love that! I just can’t say enough good things about this pillow. Thank you thank you thank you to Technogel for this opportunity!

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