Tastingbox Fine Wine Flights

After a long day at work, or home with the kids all day, sometimes you just want a nice glass of wine to wind down your evening. You might not want to open a full bottle though and risk wasting what you don’t drink. With Tastingbox you can have a nice glass of wine for yourself, or host a tasting with a few friends, and not waste any extra wine. This is also a great way to taste and experience new and unknown wines without having to travel to wineries or buy bottles without knowing if you will even like it.

The wines in each box are carefully selected to work well together. Each box contains:

*a flight of small production wines in single serving bottles
*a tasting guide for the flight
*information about the wineries
*tasting notes for each wine
*food pairing suggestions for each wine
After you have tried the wines you can go to the Tastingbox website and rate each one. Tastingbox will then use your ratings to recommend new wines you might like to try.
You can pick a box with 4, 6 or 12 157 ML bottles of wine to be delivered every 3 months.

Tastingbox has launched an Idiegogo page for you to follow their progress. You can visit it
You can prepay for the Tastingbox experience and be one of the first to get to try them when they start shipping. Some of the perks you could get are
*Shoutouts on Facebook and Twitter (only if you want)
*a set of limited edition laser engraved cork coasters
*a spot on our permanent digital thank you wall when we launch our site!
*more than $100 worth of tastings and tours at California wineries
*If you don’t live in or near California, and don’t expect to visit, you can opt for a $20 gift certificate in the *Tastingbox store instead of the free tastings.

You can also follow their progress on


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