Talking Duke Dog App Review

“The Most Actions for a Funny Dog App!”

Adopt Duke as your very own pet puppy, a talking handsome puppy dog! He does things that real dogs WISH they could do. Duke responds to your touch and repeats what you say with a funny voice. Let him brighten your mood at any moment! You can also give Duke a bone, see him do his signature dance, offer to walk him and more.
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My Review

This is a super cute, fun and addictive app! Especially if you have kids lol. You can talk to Duke and he will repeat you in a funny voice, he will dance to disco music, tell you when he has to go potty and several more fun things. My boys are in LOVE with this app. It really comes in handy when they are bouncing off the walls too. I put this app on and it will literally stop them in their tracks and get them to sit down for a few minutes.The graphics are bright and clear and the sounds are cute. This doesn’t take up hardly any memory so it’s not bogging my phone down, and I haven’t had any issues at all with how the app runs. I give Duke 5/5!!

This app is available on Google Play and iTunes for Free!

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