Syncrohearts Game Review and Giveaway

It is time to focus on what is really important in our lives; our relationships. Playing the “love game” makes it fun and easy to enhance your relationship!

We all deserve more love, happiness and harmony in our relationships. Syncrohearts is a very unique relationship game that guarantees more fun, love and romance for you and your partner. It is not just another “sex game”, it is a “love game” that will spice up your love life naturally. Syncrohearts was created with the intention of “improving relationships” through better communication, more intimacy and more “play time” together.

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The 4-Fun cards promote lots of laughter and fun exercises; the Couple cards ask some thought provoking questions about each other in a very humorous way; the Hot Stuff cards ignite the romance and intimacy with some humor of course; and the Insight cards are filled with messages of love. Couples confide that the “right cards” always come up for their relationship.

SAMPLE 4-FUN CARD: What animal reminds you of your partner and why? Be careful now because you might be sleeping with that animal later!
SAMPLE COUPLE CARD: If your partner was stranded for one month on a deserted island, what three things would they miss the most? Besides you of course because that is obvious – isn’t it?
SAMPLE HOT STUFF CARD: What are three signs that your partner displays when they are in the mood for sex? Are they displaying any of those signs right now?

SAMPLE INSIGHTS CARD: Sometimes we might feel that our partners are not giving us what we want. In a well-balanced relationship, what we put in, we get back. If you want your partner to be a better listener, then listen closer to them. The same goes for desiring more love, respect, passion and even “Hot Stuff” activities!

You can find more information about the game and the creator on the Website

Our Review

I’ve been married to my husband for 11 years. We knew each other 3 months before we got married. To say we’ve had our ups and downs and some bumpy roads would be putting it mildly lol. We had 2 kids and life got even crazier and we haven’t really done anything lately to reconnect and try to come back to each other. My husband doesn’t really like board games but I convinced him to try this one with me. This was a very fun and easy, kind of laid back game to play. It engages you with funny and serious questions and really makes you think about your significant other and your relationship with each other. This is definitely something we will keep and play many times I’m sure.

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