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With its introduction in 1996, the Swiss+Tech® Micro-Tech™ 6-in-1 represented a quantum leap in the art of tool making. This compact, easily transportable tool combined genuine Swiss craftsmanship with American innovation to create a new category of patented consumer products — Key Ring Tools.

Unlike all other multi-function tools, Swiss+Tech® tools have a patented, quick-release, integrated locking system that attaches to any key ring, thereby eliminating the need for an additional ring or belt holster. These innovative, high-quality, light-weight products fulfill a previously unmet consumer need — having the tools you need when you need them.

I got to review Swiss+Tech’s Micro Max 19 in 1 Multi Tool. Well actually my husband did lol. You can see it HERE.


1/4 Inch Hex Wrench
7/16 Inch Hex Wrench

0 Flat Screwdriver

1 Flat Screwdriver

2 Flat Screwdriver

0 Phillips Screwdriver

1 Phillips Screwdriver

2 Phillips Screwdriver

Wire Cutter
Wire Stripper
Wire Crimper
Nail File
Hand Drill
Bottle Opener
Inches Ruler
Inches Ruler Extension
mm Ruler
mm Ruler Extension
Solid Stainless Steel
Screwdriver Tips Meet ANSI Standards
Precision Crafted
Lightweight, Yet Rugged
Quick-Release Technology
Securely Attaches to Key Ring

I also got the Micro Light Smart Phone Stand

LED Flashlight
Smartphone Stand
Anti-slip On/Off Pushbutton
Quick Disconnect Key Ring
2 Replaceable CR1616 Batteries Included

My Review

My husband is a Mr. Fix It type of guy. He almost always has whatever tool is needed for the job here at home. When we go out it’s another story though. This tool is amazing. It has everything he could possibly want or need and it hangs on his keychain, not taking up room in the car or trunk. He just had to use the Phillips head screwdriver the other day to tighten a bolt on his car door. He said it was convenient and easy to use. It stays on his keychain so he has it on hand whenever he needs it. He’s very happy with the Micro Max and already has his eye on a few other Swiss+Tech products he wants.

I use the Smart Phone Stand here at the house. I put my phone on it and set it next to my laptop so I don’t lose it, which I tend to do more often then I’d like lol. At night I can use the flashlight part of it to find stuff and not have to worry about waking everyone else up. This also goes right on my keychain so I have it at hand anytime I need it.

We are both quite enamored with the Swiss+Tech products and we are looking forward to buying more useful gadgets from them!

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