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Now swimmers can enjoy the pool without worrying about the side-effects of pool chemicals. SwimSpray completely eliminates chlorine from hair and skin with a new vitamin C technology. In contrast to traditional “swimmers shampoos,” SwimSpray actually works. Chlorine removal shampoos leave lingering chlorine behind. But SwimSpray completely eliminates the chlorine. The difference is noticeable after one use because the swimmer’s chlorine odor disappears.
I received 2 full size bottles for me and my family to use in exchange for an honest review

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My Review

We recently moved from PA to FL. We never really had much opportunity to swim where we were up there, but now that we are down here it’s all about the water. We got season passes to the water park that is right up the road from us. We’ve gone a few times now, and I am so glad I have this Swim Spray when we come home. The chlorine smell when we come home is just..wow. Me and my boys have sensitive skin also so I always make them get right in the shower. I’m very happy with how well this works. No smell and no itching or irritation from the chlorine! It makes my skin and hair feel clean and soft when I’m done, and I don’t have to wonder if the lighter parts of my hair are going to turn green lol. This product is so easy to use, it actually works, and to top it off it’s very affordable. I will definitely be keeping this item stocked from now on. I give Swim Spray a big 5/5!

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You can win a full size bottle of Swim Spray!

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