Surviving Primary School Review

Best seller author, Dr. Orly Katz, is an expert for youth empowerment and life skills, who hold a doctorate in Educational Leadership; She is a sought after guest on TV and radio, and a national speaker and work shop facilitator for parents, educationalists and youth. Orly is the founder of the “Simply Me” Center for: Leadership, Empowerment and Self Esteem. Her two book series: Surviving Junior High, and Surviving Primary School, are recommended by the Ministry of Education, and are being taught in many schools as part of the curriculum in life skills lessons. Orly lives in Haifa, with her Husband and three children.
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I got the chance to review Dr. Orly’s Surviving Primary School set of books with my 2nd grader in exchange for my honest opinions.

My Review

I was pleased to get all 4 books in this series to review from the author. I have an 8 year old who just finished second grade and is going in to third. I also have a 5 1/2 year old who is going to Kindergarten. We’ve already had several struggles with my 8 year old. He is ADHD and Aspergers. Unfortunately he’s alrady had some experience with bullying. He’s not very sure of himself because he struggles with school. I really liked this series of books. For both of us. These books talk about self esteem, peer pressure, kindness and thinking positively. He needs a little helpful nudge in all these areas. My son ate these books up and hopefully will retain the stuff he learned for when he starts school back. I got a lot out of these books too on how to help him. I would recommend this series to every parent of a school aged child. This is information you need and you will be so glad you read these!

You can find this series and her Junior High series and a lot of information and resources on the

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