Summer in Salem Review and Giveaway

Summer in Salem

Teagen’s summer has been turned upside down by a body, a pentagram necklace, and an old flame.
Nine months ago, Teagan Matthews’ boyfriend disappeared and took her sense of stability with him. But when the opportunity to live with her aging grandmother in Salem arises, she decides it’s time to get on with her life. A new home, new job and new friends are adding up to a beautiful summer…
…until a young girl’s body shows up one night in town, wearing a necklace exactly like Teagan’s.

Now a guy looking remarkably like her missing boyfriend has arrived in Salem along with a mysterious stranger who may have some answers that Teagan has desperately been searching for. Teagan must now decide who to trust. It’s a matter of life and her death.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book! It had just enough drama, romance and the supernatural to appeal to almost any reader. The main character, Teagen, is mourning the loss of her boyfriend Jason, so to try to restart her life she goes to Salem for the summer to help her grandmother. She makes some unbelievable discoveries about her grandmother and herself, mainly that they are witches. A roller coaster ride of events takes off about midway through and keeps the reader guessing. The characters are easy to connect with and very likeable. The ending leaves an opening for a second book. I for one can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.

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