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Starting over is hard. And sometimes, you have to burn a few bridges to do it. Whitney Brown is average–average height, weight, and personality–but she wants to be someone new. To kick-start her rebirth, she wears formal mourning, a black veil and vintage dress, to a wedding in her hometown, Woods Cross, a community that treasures family values. Is it an attack on marriage or has she just gone bonkers? Emboldened but lacking a plan, she forces her foot in the door of a radio station in Sundown. A small metropolis of nearly 150,000, Sundown is a notch of urban flair along the Midwest’s Bible Belt. Getting in proves to be the easy part and the anonymity of being a DJ suits her well. But off air (and in person), Whitney must stand up to Sadi, an angry feminist and the bane of her college years while an old friendship with her former roommate, Leah, devolves around a guy.
It’s 2002 and the Midwest radio scene is changing. Just as Whitney hits her groove, the radio station undergoes its own identity crisis. But what rocks Whitney to her core is the moment the condom breaks. Her abstinence only background leaves her embarrassed and facing a difficult choice.
About the Author

The themes of friendship and change are vitally important to the novel as the characters transform through both. When examining “a slice of life” through story, love cannot be ignored. If that makes this romance or chick-lit, then the category is welcome because love is a natural part of experiencing life, testing friendship, and often changes a person.The DJ aspect of the novel was a delightful challenge. What was once a character career became thematic to the novel. Movies have soundtracks and I, as a writer, used very specific songs to inspire my writing. It was a natural mixture that helped deepen the story of Whitney as the primary protagonist and weave her into the very structure of the novel. Each chapter title is a song title (real as well as a few ficitious). The sub-titles include the artist and album information as a tribute to DJ Whit. This novel is the playlist for the biggest moments of her life so far.
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Publication date: February 25th, 2013
Publisher: Ellen Harger

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