Splendies Review

There are monthly subscription boxes for EVERYTHING! Food, skin care, makeup, toys, clothes and on and on. We’ll I have found the new coolest box to be delivered right to your doorstep. Undies! You can get 3 pairs of underwear mailed right to your door every month!

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I got 3 pairs from Splendies to review in exchange for my honest opinion

My Review

I’m a bit of a monthly subscription addict lol. This has to be one of my favorites so far though. I’m not one who likes to go shopping for things like underwear and bras and that sort of stuff. I’m a jeans/shorts and t-shirts/tanks kind of girl all the way, so shopping isn’t that fun for me. This way I can get something new to try every month and I don’t have to go shop for it because it comes right to my mail box. Splendies ships discreetly in plain, white water-proof envelopes via USPS First Class Mail. I loved the pairs I got to review. Even the thongs, which are not something I wear very often, were comfortable and I wore them all day with no issues. I thought the lacy ones might be a little uncomfortable, but I was wrong. All 3 pairs I got were very soft and comfortable to wear. I loved the colors and designs also. Overall I’m very happy with Splendies and would keep using their service. I give them a 5/5!


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