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This time I received

Westcott Titanium Bonded 8″ Non Stick Straight Scissors
Westcott Kids Scissors With Microban Protection
Westcott Scissors Mouse


My Review

I love these reviews I get to do for! I’ve had my blog for over a year but I’m still not quite organized like I would like to be lol. I’m also trying to get into couponing to save my family some money. So the package I got this time could not have come at a better time. The Westcott straight scissors are great for cutting coupons. I also use them to cut out flash cards for my boys for their letters and numbers. They are easy to use, comfortable in my hand and they cut really smoothly.

My 7 year old has some motor delays and one of the things we are working on with him is using scissors. I gave him the kids scissors to work with. It’s going to take some time of course but he likes these scissors. He likes that they are blue lol, and he seems to do good holding them. We’re going to keep working with him with these scissors.

Now, honestly my favorite product in the box was the Scissors Mouse! This little mouse shaped cutter is awesome! I played with it cutting out some shapes for my 5 year old and it’s so neat. Rolls smoothly, cuts clean, and it doesnt snag at all. I can’t wait to use this to cut wrapping paper this coming week. This will also cut more than one piece of paper at a time, which saves me some work.

I Love all 3 of these products and I can’t wait to use them to wrap presents for my boys!

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