Shnoozle Review and Giveaway

“Sh…snooze with a Shnoozle! Those soft and cuddly critters who help children fall asleep.”


We got Shu-Shu to review in exchange for our honest opinion

My Review

Sleep can be pretty elusive here with my boys. They think if they close their eyes they are gonna miss something big I guess lol. We let them watch TV, listen to music, they ask for bedtime stories, and the list of tricks goes on and on. One thing that does seem to help my youngest is stuffed animals in bed with him. He has a few favorites now. When I came across the Shnoozle I was intrigued to see if something like this could actually help. The Shnoozle is adorable =] He comes with his own little bedtime story and even a door hanger that says Shhh…it’s Shleepy time. My youngest latched onto Shu-Shu right away when he opened him. The neatest thing is that the Shnoozles have eyelids! Their eyes actually close at bedtime. I didn’t even have to remind him to take Shu-Shu to bed with him last night. He grabbed the Shnoozle and the storybook and off to bed we went. I was surprised because he usually tosses and turn A LOT at night, but Shu-Shu actually stayed with him most of the night. I think this is a really cute and original way to work with little kids to get them to settle down and get ready for bed at night. I give, and Caden gives, Shu-Shu a 5/5!

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