SavvyCents Wallet Review

From the Website

The Savvycents wallet organizer is not only a functional organizer but also fashionable. It contains everything you need to organize your monthly or weekly budget using a cash and coupon system. With an accordion style file system inside the wallet organizer you can separate money, coupons, receipts or store discount cards by spending categories. Your wallet organizer comes with file cards where you can label each category with our pre-printed labels. There are also blank labels where you can customize your wallet organizer based on your personal spending categories. You no longer have to carry envelopes or zip lock bags to separate your money and coupons. Your change will fit nicely in a coin pocket located on the backside of the wallet.

It also has 6 pockets for debit cards and store discount cards. On the opposite side there is a place for your driver’s license and a place for your checkbook.

Wallet is 8” x 4”

There are 6 different designs to choose from


My Review

I’m a purse and wallet hoarder. I buy new purses and wallets at least every 3 months, mostly more often though lol. When I came across the Savvycents wallet I couldn’t wait to try it out and see how well it really worked. I’ve only very recently started using coupons and I hate having envelopes and baggies in my purse. This wallet is the perfect one for me! I love the spaces for the coupons. I put my coupons and the store card I use in each slot and I have it handy when I need it. There’s plenty of space for ID, bank cards and cash too. I have a lot of stuff in mine and it still zippers up nice and thin. I love the outside design too. I get a lot of compliments on it and I always tell people where I got it. This wallet is definitely going to last me longer than 3 months!

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