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Book Review and Giveaway: Run, River Currents

Run, River Currents

Do you personally know anyone who was victimized as a child? Have you wondered why it is not easy for them to simply “walk away” from twisted, negative perspectives of God, life, and relationships? RUN, RIVER CURRENTS, although fictionalized, describes true events of abuse and the haunting loneliness and rage one child faced throughout what she saw as a “normal” life—one filled with violence and neglect. How should we, as Christians, approach this topic? On the one hand, we should not dwell in the darkness. Yet on the other hand, we cannot deny that the darkness exists and has existed for many of our loved ones, and that it may even still affect some of them today. And because of that, it behooves us to truly understand where they are coming from. RUN, RIVER CURRENTS is a book that clearly depicts the dark events one child faced, and the cycle of generational abuse from which she ultimately emerged. And its message of hope is seen in God’s faithfulness in gently, persistently drawing her heart to Himself even when her eyes were far from Him. Praise for RUN, RIVER CURRENTS by Ginger Marcinkowski—2012 semifinalist in the Association of Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) Genesis Awards: “Graced with narrative profluence and lyrical descriptions…it will leave you gasping for air.” —Sara Pritchard, author of Crackpots (a New York Times Notable Book of the Year) “A must-read.” —Jim Jordan, filmmaker and award-winning photographer “Stunning impact.” —Lenore Hart, author of The Raven’s Bride “Won’t be able to put it down until the last line of the last page.” —Gale Martin, author of Indie Excellence finalist Don Juan in Hankey, PA
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You can read the FULL BOOK REVIEW of Run, River Currents by Rebecca @ Love2EncourageYou HERE.
Here is a partial glimpse of the review:
Ginger Marcinowski has an incredible gift for descriptive imagery in her writing. I adore being drawn into a book like that! Check out this excerpt from a significant scene in the story:
“Discarded buds covered the pathways like a chocolate blanket. Violet bouquets poked from the clay, decorating the shadowy banks of the Tobique as though a wedding might take place at any moment. Her grandfather’s voice continued to echo in her ears: Jesus will never leave you, Emily. You can bet on that. You just have to believe.”
This is just a tiny sampling of the beautiful imagery Ginger describes. This scene, with its breath-taking views along the riverbank, has your mind seeing the sights and hearing the sounds as the writer shares. She blesses her readers with the captivation that normally only a movie can achieve! You can feel yourself becoming engrossed in every word, every line, every chapter of this deeply detailed journey of a young woman finding the path to ultimate healing after a brutally scarred childhood full of abuse. The main character tries to stumble her way through life’s events and eventually comes to find an understanding of what God’s love, her family’s love, and a young man’s love could truly mean in her life.

I would recommend the Run, River Currents book for anyone that enjoys a great descriptive novel. I would suggest it especially to those individuals needing to find support, encouragement or healing from a history of abuse. If you are the loved one, spouse, or friend of someone who has experienced abuse, this book may help give you insight on how to help them grow through their struggle to find healing. This book is well worth your time! 🙂
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