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Rock ’N Learn produces educational videos and music for fun learning. We now have new iPad apps for learning to read through phonics. Our educators, musicians, and animators enjoy creating entertaining educational DVDs, music CDs and iPad apps used in schools and homes. In our 24 years, Rock ’N Learn has won over 100 awards for educational videos and music to help kids learn preschool, math, social studies,languages, and science. We also have DVDs to help students boost test-taking skills and score high on state-mandated standardized tests. Easy-to-use, these entertaining DVDs and iPad apps get results, as documented in case studies by several school districts. Rock ‘N Learn’s new Sight Words DVD is already getting great reviews on how it helps children learn to read, from preschool through remedial.


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My review

Finally a children’s dvd that doesnt make me want to put ear plugs in! I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old, both boys. My 7 year old is in 2nd grade and doing pretty good. We have been struggling with my 4 year old though. He is so smart but he just doesn’t seem interested in working on his numbers, letters, words and so on. We’ve tried flascards and blocks and other learning toys. His big brother tries to help him too. It’s really cute lol. When I got the chance to review a dvd for Rock and Learn I jumped at it. Now, my son watches a lot of Dora, Diego and many more characters that while educational, drive me batty! I was really surprised when I put the dvd in and my 4 year old was just instantly glued to the TV! And I have to say, the characters are cute and not puke inducing and the music is really catchy. After about 3 or 4 times through the dvd Caden (that’s his name lol) was starting to recognize and say a few of the words. He’s been asking us and big brother to read to him more the past week or so too. I really like this dvd and I’m going to try to get him some of the other ones. I give Rock N Learn a really big 5/5!

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