Rock N Learn Alphabet Review and Giveaway

Rock ’N Learn produces educational videos and music for fun learning. We now have new iPad apps for learning to read through phonics. Our educators, musicians, and animators enjoy creating entertaining educational DVDs, music CDs and iPad apps used in schools and homes. In our 24 years, Rock ’N Learn has won over 100 awards for educational videos and music to help kids learn preschool, math, social studies,languages, and science. We also have DVDs to help students boost test-taking skills and score high on state-mandated standardized tests. Easy-to-use, these entertaining DVDs and iPad apps get results, as documented in case studies by several school districts. Rock ‘N Learn’s new Sight Words DVD is already getting great reviews on how it helps children learn to read, from preschool through remedial.


My Review

We got to review another DVD from Rock’N Learn. This time it was the Alphabet DVD. My 5 year old is extremely stubborn when it comes to anything that might be remotely educational lol. We discovered with the sight words dvd though that he really seems to connect with these Rock’N Learn lessons. This was another success for us and him. He has watched the Alphabet DVD a few times now and is doing really well signing along. If he thinks we aren’t watching he will even say the letters when they appear on the screen lol. My 7 year old even becomes enthralled with these dvd’s and will sit and watch them when they are on. Rock’N Learn is a favorite in our house now for the boys and I can’t wait to get more of their DVD’s!

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