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News reporters scrambled. This was the biggest story to come along in weeks. They called it a blackout. The last one was in New York City in 2003, but this one was different, special, because the grids in six major cities across the country had been fried, kaput, see-you-next-Sunday. Everyone with some jurisdiction blamed each other, and when there was no one left to blame, terrorism rode in on its gallant steed. It was the media’s fault. They were so busy stuffing fanatical Muslims with a penchant for Allah and decapitations down the American citizen’s throat, that they never saw it coming. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on them. They were partially right. It was terror after all, but a whole new kind. And when the lights came back on, things had changed. The dark had brought us visitors.



My Review

Horror is the fitting and appropriate genre for this book for sure. This book had memories of The Langoliers and The Walking Dead running through my head. Do not misunderstand me though, this book is original and terrifying to the bones. I connected immediately with Emma, the main character. She’s a no nonsense, grounded in reality spit fire kind of girl. It takes several chapters and several encounters with the vampires before she’s even willing to fully believe what’s going on. Once she’s on board though she’s really on board. This was another no glitter vampire story, these far outweigh any like I had for Twilight or similar lol. Guts, gore and foul language make this a story that is not for kids and not for the faint of heart. I personally enjoyed every word of this book. I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor so I found the ending to be kind of funny. Other readers may not though and thats ok. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more from Beck Sherman!

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