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Relatively Close
Judy Serrano

Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Released: February 9, 2012


Max fell to the ground followed by Hector. Max shouted out,
““Junior, I forgive you,”” as his eyes began to close. I fell to the floor…… hard. Max pushed me down as the bullet flew in our direction. I sat up to find that Max had a hole in his chest and Hector had blood pouring from his side. The bullet must have gone right through Max and into Hector. Junior was standing there holding the gun, not moving. Diego sprang into action. He grabbed the gun from Junior. ““Maria! 911!”” he shouted to his girlfriend. She began to dial. ““It was an intruder!”” he shouted again. ““Probably from the Malone organization. Do you all understand?”” Maria and I both answered immediately with a, ““Yes sir,”” while Regina, Hector’’s wife, sat at the kitchen counter obviously in shock.
““Junior!”” Diego called. ““Take off your clothes and throw them into the fireplace. Take a shower. You need to wash all of the residue from the gunshot off of your body. I’’ll get rid of the gun.”” He took the gun from my son and Junior followed him up the stairs.
““Max, Max!”” I reached for him. He grabbed my hand.
““Baby girl,”” he gasped, trying to catch his breath.
““Max, you fight for me, do you hear me?””
““Yes, baby girl, I live for you.”” That was something he said to me the last time he was shot in the chest; only the last time he said it in Spanish. He opened his eyes for a minute and I could see the fear poised like a dark cloud, ready to rain.
““Diego!”” I screamed. ““Diego! Where are you?””
““He’’s taking care of the gun, Lilly,”” Maria reminded me. ““Give him a few minutes.””
It wasn’’t too long before he came running back into the room; although it felt like an eternity. He pulled out a credit card and put it on Max’’s wound. Max let out a yell that made me shudder. ““Go check on Hector,”” he told me.

I ran to Hector and knelt down beside him. ““Talk to me,”” I said. ““Hector, talk to me.”” He reached out for my hand. ““I have never been able to forget you, Lilly.”” I could hear his voice begin to weaken. ““I need you to know that I am still in love with you.””

““I know, Hector, I know,”” I whispered, putting my lips closer to his ear. He squeezed my hand and then closed his eyes. I looked at Diego.

““Wake him up, Lilly. Wake him up!”” I slapped his face a few times gently and he looked up at me.

““Max…… Max……”” Hector gasped.
““Hector, save your strength,”” I told him.
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