Real Kids Shades Review and Giveaway

Real Kids Shades is a leading maker and provider of sunglasses for children. By advocating sun safety through our Safe Eyes Everyday program, RKS helps parents provide serious sun protection for babies, toddlers, and kids up to age 12. All Real Kids Shades provide comfort, durability, and safety. Our rigorous product testing program assures all Real Kids Shades are CPSIA Compliant, CE Certified, and FDA Approved to provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. All our sunglasses are made exclusively for infants and children in kid-approved styles that are shatterproof, impact-resistant and adaptable to sports and active lifestyles.

What you need to know about your kids eyes and the sun

Sunlight Can Permanently Damage Your
Child’s Eyes

Everyone loves the sun. And everyone knows the sun can really damage skin – especially to kids’. However, most parents don’t realize the sun can also cause permanent and irreparable damage to their children’s eyes. In fact, children’s eyes are at increased risk for permanent eye damage from sunlight until they’re 10-years-old.

Children’s Sunglasses Are Not Accessories –
They’re Necessary Gear

You need to think about sunglasses the same way you think about bicycle helmets. You wouldn’t let your child ride a bike without a protective helmet, right? Don’t let them play outside without protective sunglasses. Period. UV rays can damage your child’s eyes anytime of the year. While the harmful e ects are three times greater in the summer than winter, there’s still a high risk of sustaining serious eye damage in winter months. UV rays can also do a lot of damage on overcast and cloudy days.

Sun Damage Is Permanent and Cumulative

Unlike skin cells, eye lenses cannot repair themselves. Once they’re damaged, they’re damaged forever. Eye lens cells are never replaced and over time, the harm done is cumulative. This can lead to serious eye diseases and even blindness.

Eye Disorders Caused By Sun Damage

• Cataracts

• Age-related macular degeneration

• Pterygia – abnormal tissue grown on the whites
of the eyes

• Skin cancer around the eyes

• Photokeratitis – sunburn of the cornea

My Review

I got the Extreme Convertible Blue Sunglasses in age 7-12 to review.


I absolutely love these sunglasses. My favorite thing is that they are convertible between the hard plastic arms and the sports strap. My 7 year old is very active and he gets easily frustrated with the cheap plastic sunglasses. I also like the foam padding around the eye pieces that helps them fit snug and not leave red marks on his face. My 7 year old loves that they fit so nice and that they look like his daddys sunglasses lol. The sunglasses came in a really nice hard case that they can be stored in so they don’t accidentally get broken. These are the highest quality kids sunglasses I’ve gotten for my kids. A HUGE 5/5 from me and my son!


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